Friday is Off to a Good Start

alarm clock

Well, Friday is off to a good start.

At 6:45, I turn off my alarm, thinking to myself, “Why did I set my alarm? It’s Saturday.” At 7:45, I wake up and realize it is indeed Friday and my son needs to be at school by 8:05. My back-up alarm system (Greg) is nonfunctional (because Greg is out of town). I panic and rush out of the bedroom to see lights on in the kitchen. Will is fixing his own breakfast. I start to feel like I am in an alternate reality. To my 8th grade son, who typically has to be called several times each morning before he rolls out of bed late and has to rush through a shower and breakfast, I say, “How did you get up by yourself?” He calmly says, “I have an alarm. I was going to get you up, but I thought you weren’t feeling well.” The angels are singing in my head because I realize my son can actually get himself up in the morning.

I quickly pack Will’s lunch, and we head out the door, ahead of our usual schedule. I return to the house and put the garage door up. I hear an alarm sounding, “Intruder! Intruder! Leave the house immediately.” My mental processes, still a bit foggy from the cough syrup and decongestants I had taken the previous night, tick through the list of what I had done this morning. “Turn off the house alarm” was not on the list. I put in the security code and turn off the alarm. I go upstairs, shaking my head thinking, “Boy, that ADT service doesn’t work very well because I didn’t get a phone call and the police are not here.” I add to my mental checklist for the day, “Call ADT and complain.”

Phone call…I check my phone, which is on silent. There is missed call from ADT and a voicemail. “The police have been alerted.” I call ADT, hoping to get to them before the police come. There is a tap on the door and a very kind, concerned Vestavia Hills policeman says, “You didn’t know I was here, did you?” He asks me my name. Thankfully, I remember it. He had walked all around the house and cleared the premises. I apologize profusely and explain my story. I sheepishly say, “Well, at least I know the alarm system works.” I am sure he has heard this story before. I am thankful our men and women in blue do not charge extra for house calls.

I had better get my coffee…and quickly. No more decongestants for me today.


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