The Kings of the Earth

On this day that marks a day of remembrance for our nation, these words from the powerful cantata, Saviour, came to me.

“God cried, “Where are you, Adam?” [Genesis 3:9]

“The kings of the earth and the kingdoms built by man
Rise up in their glory then go back to dust again
The kings of the earth who rule with might and power
Will bend their knee to God when time concludes
its final hour; that day will come.

The kings of the earth and their power to rule the land
Was founded by the Lord in His covenant with man.
But the kings of the earth would make their own decree
They set themselves above their God and His authority
They mock their God.

Their empires feed upon the souls of men
And the lust for power becomes their sacrament
They rail the people with their cries of peace
BUT THERE IS NO PEACE.” [Revelation 18:9]
[Saviour, words by Bob Farrell and Greg Nelson]

Yes, that day will come. Our kingdom is not of this earth, but we ask the kingdoms of this earth for peace and security. Their empires feed upon our souls and their lust for power is their consuming goal. These words are oddly prophetic for our nation.

789crownIf you are looking for peace, find it by searching for God. If you seek him, you will find Him. [Jeremiah 29:13]


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